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What do we do?


The Deaf ministry at 1st Baptist Church in Benton, LA is dedicated to the effective communication of God's Word. There is no more important mission than communicating God's Word. We offer access to everything happening at the church so the Deaf can be members of the body of Christ in every aspect.  We love by telling the truth of God's Word. We believe that His word "does not return void" and is sharper than any two edged sword." We teach and preach out of God's Holy Word.  This is something that seems to be fading in todays self-centered culture.  We believe God is first, others second and self last.

We have Deaf involved in several of the church wide ministries including the church choir, women's ministry, men's ministry and so much more.  Come get involved and serve the God of mercy, grace and salvation. 

We support Deaf Bible Society and their efforts to bring the Word of God to every sign language in the world


The Bible in American Sign Language (ASLV)

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